Welcome to the Lyman Memorial High School sports photo archive!  Here you can find a full list of photos taken by Tom Nanos of various Lyman Memorial High School sporting events, starting with the 2016/17 school year.

Either select the sport you’re looking for from the menu above, or scroll down to check out each section.  Galleries are categorized by Girls, Boys and Co-ed sports. You will quickly notice that the galleries are skewed towards Girls sports – specifically towards volleyball, basketball and softball.  This is quite intentional – I have two daughters who are both three-season athletes, so they and their teams are my first priority.  If I have a chance, I will gladly shoot other sports, either girls or boys, and you will see those photos here, but my two girls will always get top billing in my eyes.

You can purchase a variety of print sizes of any of the photos.  The lab is in California (SmugMug/BayPhoto), so there will be a shipping charge from the lab to you (about $5 for regular shipping, which usually takes about a week) – I can’t do much about that.  It typically takes me 1-2 days after I shoot a game to download, pick, process and upload the photos to the site.  I’ll also announce the posting on the LMHS Booster Club Facebook page – be sure to like that page so you get notifications!

I will donate ALL profits from the sales of these Lyman sports photos to the Lyman Memorial High School Booster Club so that it can benefit ALL of our student athletes!

One last thing, click the Contact link above, or the mail icon at the bottom of the page with any questions you may have.

Thanks & enjoy!
Tom Nanos